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Welcome on my blog! I created it to merge two big passions for digital marketing and craftmanship, as to tell history of italian and international artisans, creatives, and entrepreneurs and to show my DIY works.

I’m curious, DIY-dependent, and I love experimenting. I’m an Italian girl and I got a master at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice where I studied Marketing & Innovation. This was not an arrival point, but a starting one. In these years I’ve been collaborating with different firms as to build my professional path.

This blog is about

This blog is for people who is passionate about crafts, and for artisans and creative which look for a dream. They are a genuine source of inspiration to me. I’m looking for interesting stories of people as to deepen themes such as innovation, creativity, and craftmanship.

Would you like to tell me your story?

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Here, you’ll find artisans, creatives, and entrepreneurs’ histories, to whom I’ve been talking, discussing about marketing, innovation, creativity and design processes, as well as girl empowerment.


In these section, you’ll find articles about marketing, social media (I look for the best magazines, and publishers) as to review some tips to improve your way of communicating your art with respect to the Italian market.



I’m a DIY lover. Sometimes, too much! I’ve been spending my last ten years collecting fabrics, beads and sewing tools. I do believe in this hobby since it’s relaxing and sustainable in the long term.

You will be find

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I publish regularly contents: graphics, photos, and some videos. My intent is to spread my passion for these aspects in a creative way, to gather new skills, and to experiment. My contents are in Italian, but I’m thinking about translating everything in English, if it might be interesting and inspiring for someone else. You can find me also on Pinterest, with my boards. Hope to find you there tooπŸ™ƒ

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